Two of a Kind episodes scripts.

1.1: Putting Two 'N' Two Together Script

1.2: Prelude to a Kiss

1.3: The Tutor

1.4: The Crush

1.5: Breaking Them Up is Hard to Do

1.6: Nightmare on Carrie Street

1.7: The Heartbreak Kid

1.8: You've Got a Friend

1.9: Model Behavior

1.10: Peeping Twins

1.11: A Very Carrie Christmas Script

1.12: Let's Space

1.13: Spit Decision

1.14: My Boyfriend's Back

1.15: No Man's Land

1.16: Carrie Moves In

1.17: Mr. Right Under Your Nose

1.18: Welcome Matt

1.19: The Odd Couples

1.20: When a Man Leaves a Woman

1.21: The Goodbye Girl

1.22: Kevin Burke's Day Off

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