One Twin Too Many
One twin too many
The Fourth Diary

Publication Date:

May 1999



Written by:

Megan Stine

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The Sleepover Secret

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To Snoop or Not to Snoop?

One Twin Too Many is the fourth diary in the Two of a Kind Diaries.


Oh no! Mary-Kate and Ashley are assigned a new history project. But Ashley's found a way to make her project fun... she's partners with the boy of her dreams: Pokey Valentine! It's the perfect way to get close to him. The only problem is that Pokey would rather get close to a little someone named Mary-Kate! This makes Ashley furious that Pokey is spending time with her sister instead of her, but it just grosses Mary-Kate out that Pokey would rather spend time with her when she'd rather be out playing basketball.

More InformationEdit

This book is based off of the fourth episode of Two of a Kind, First Crush.